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Jan 07, 2020 - Present




Drama / Comedy


Zoey - Jane LevyMax - Skylar AstinMitch - Peter GallagherMo - Alex NewellSimon - John Clarence StewartJoan - Lauren GrahamMaggie - Mary SteenburgenLeif - Michael Thomas GrantTobin - Kapil TalwalkarDavid - Andrew LeedsAutumn - Stephanie Styles

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A musical dramedy following a woman who can hear people's thoughts as songs playing.

Zoey Clarke is a sharp tech worker in San Francisco who has an unusual event happen to her that allows her to hear people's innermost thoughts and desires through songs.

This initially makes her question her own sanity, but pretty soon she realizes that this unwanted ability may just be a wonderful gift.

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05/28/20 at 01:34pm

I love this show, it's cute and funny. Zoey and Max are adorable, especially together. They would have to be idiots to cancel this show.
Alice Montgomery
05/07/20 at 08:31pm

I absolutely LOVE this show. Even when it is sad, it uplifts me, as the characters are so interesting and loveable. The story line is great, and the music and dancing are fantastic! PLEASE bring this show back! My husband and I both love it!
05/06/20 at 03:20pm

At first I was hesitant about watching because I remember what happened to "Cop Rock" back in the 1990s and how "Glee" turned lousy after the 4th Season, but after a couple of episodes I was actually hooked on this show! The music is great and the cast is perfect! The storyline is mostly funny and lighthearted, but it also deals with some sadness. A great balance all around. I hope it gets renewed!
04/27/20 at 12:13pm

I love love love this show!!! We need good clean and heartwarming shows on the air like this one!! Please give it a season 2!!!!!!!!!
04/26/20 at 02:24pm

Absolutely hooked! Love the cast and everything about the show... hope there is a season 2!!
Susan Griffin
04/21/20 at 01:49pm

This is a great show...why in the world would it be cancelled? Perhaps it will be picked up on another network.
Teresa Barney
04/02/20 at 02:42pm

This show is fun, entertaining and who hasn't had a situation that they think a certain song and dance number wouldn't perfectly illustrate? Hopefully this will be renewed and a Season 2 is on the playlist. We all need some goodhearted fun.
03/30/20 at 06:52pm

I was a fan of Glee and of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Since those are both gone, this show fills that need in my viewing repertoire. The singing and dancing are joyful to watch especially in these dark times.
Mike F
03/30/20 at 07:55am

This stage performance-based show is about a woman seeing peoples' thoughts and feelings through song and dance as they go through life. If you see the world through music (there's a song that has been written and done (many - several times over) for life’s many occasions, situations and moments. I would like to see a Season Two - but after the last episode, announcing the imminent death of Zoey's Father (a very-talented Peter Gallagher, who has performed many great and varied roles over many years) could signal a final episode, unless another doctor is seen and a reversal of the imminent ‘death’ occurs. Will Jane Levy and Crew get a Virus-Free Second Season? Fingers crossed.
Pam Bell
03/29/20 at 06:03pm

Love it, why can't anyone enjoy fun,clean, feel good shows? It's all about cops, violence, sex, or murder, or reality shows. This world is sadly getting worse.It would be great if you could give some of us people a break once on awhile!

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