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Oct 25, 2021 - Feb 14, 2022


The CW


Drama / Sci-fi




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A sci-fi drama based on 2004's 'The 4400'.

For decades, 4400 people who were overlooked by society vanished from Earth leaving no trace behind. Now, they have suddenly all returned to Detroit, Michigan without having aged a day and with no memory of what happened to them. The government is left trying to make sense of the phenomenon while analyzing any potential threats they pose.

Known as the 4400, the group of returnees must come to terms with their new reality, including some changes to themselves and the possibility that they were brought back at this time for a specific reason.

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01/31/23 at 05:05pm

Couldn't get past the 2nd episode, Total shit. Again another show too busy checking the boxes and not making a good show.
07/10/22 at 10:41am

This show was lost from the very first episode. Not nearly as good as the original series.
Mad Max
05/14/22 at 01:33pm

This show tried to push too many social issues. Just tell me the story . And If was wrong about this, there would have been a season 2 ….
04/05/22 at 02:36pm

The pace of the show is VEEERRRRYYYY slow. Similar to the original but not up to the standards the original set; and no I'm not talking about how they just did a 180 with the cast (original was predominantly white and this is predominantly black) I dont mind that ; It's great to see more other then white actors/actress getting work that's not a Tylor Perry. Anyways I'd be surprised if this show sticks around for longer then another season unless CW drastically fixes the formula.
03/26/22 at 08:42am

Robert, where did you see/hear 4400 was canceled?

All the reports *I* have see (and can find) says a decision has not as yet been made.
02/11/22 at 02:39am

Typical CW show. Simple scenes, minimal special effects, and mostly dialogue driven. But it works if you're not expecting anything extraordinary. The characters have enough depth to them, the plot flows in each episode, and the drama is not melodramatic (as seen in other TV shows like Invasion). And as a white woman, I appreciate the fact that most actors in 4400 are black and LGBTQ. The show certainly references the current state of the US of A, and it does so with tact and without turning into an overwhelming sociopolitical commentary. Emphasis is always on the actual plot and the characters. Reviews that state otherwise probably have a different agenda dictated by the skin color of most actors in this show, which should have zero relevance and influence on any sort of judgement.
02/02/22 at 05:22pm

Love this show reminds me of manifest. Love that the characters are not all from the same time.
Kristian Purcell
11/23/21 at 02:47am

awful script, and even worse actors but still im
watching lol!?
11/17/21 at 07:17pm

Really dropped the ball with this. No point in reviving a decent show this way.
11/09/21 at 11:31pm

I watched until they pushed agenda of 2021 no thanks. TV shows are dying nice going.

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