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Oct 25, 2021 - Present


The CW


Drama / Sci-fi


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A sci-fi drama based on 2004's 'The 4400'.

For decades, 4400 people who were overlooked by society vanished from Earth leaving no trace behind. Now, they have suddenly all returned to Detroit, Michigan without having aged a day and with no memory of what happened to them. The government is left trying to make sense of the phenomenon while analyzing any potential threats they pose.

Known as the 4400, the group of returnees must come to terms with their new reality, including some changes to themselves and the possibility that they were brought back at this time for a specific reason.

Comments (16)

Kristian Purcell
11/23/21 at 02:47am

awful script, and even worse actors but still im
watching lol!?
11/17/21 at 07:17pm

Really dropped the ball with this. No point in reviving a decent show this way.
11/09/21 at 11:31pm

I watched until they pushed agenda of 2021 no thanks. TV shows are dying nice going.
10/26/21 at 12:08pm

Nothing at all like the original series. This was trash, ruined a great legacy.
The Punisher
10/25/21 at 06:52pm

@Just Keith
10/25/21 at 11:07am

Nope. They just color swap it.
@Brian R
10/25/21 at 06:36am

Netflix picked up Manifest for one Final season.
Just Keith
10/25/21 at 05:46am

Yet another reboot.
Does unHolyweird have ANY original material?
Steve S.
10/25/21 at 00:47am

I fired up the CW app and after quite a bit of effort I found some sort of preview for 4400. The preview didn't come off any better than La Brea so I anticipate nothing. Then CW launched into a commercial and then started playing a Lost Girl episode to either entice me or to manipulate. Exit.
Steve S.
10/25/21 at 00:18am

I'm wondering about comments below from May, June, July, and September when this hasn't yet aired (and its 4.7 rating above). Are they part of the mystery, conspiracy???? Can we get Biden to look into this?

I don't like the way CW streams but I'll try an episode anyway.

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