Big Timber

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Jul 02, 2021 - Present




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A docuseries following a logging crew harvesting valuable lumber in British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver Island, Canada is home to some of the best wood in the world, but the conditions can be so treacherous that few risk logging there. From dicey weather to steep mountainsides, not everyone is cut out for the job. But a no-nonsense logger and his crew are up to the task of battling dangerous elements and tricky machinery to chop and transport the valuable lumber.

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Steve S.
07/02/21 at 05:22pm

Is the weather on Vancouver Island really radically different from snowy mainland and any other forested region?

Right. Watch this and pick up logging tips. Handy.
07/02/21 at 11:56am

Finally a reality show about something practical and useful.

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