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Apr 22, 2021 - Present






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A reality series where magicians and daredevils perform for unsuspecting spectators.

Master magicians and mischievous daredevils Chris Ramsay, Eric Leclerc, Wes Barker, and Alex Boyer perform their crafts in the real world to surprise and delight unsuspecting spectators with their unique brand of extreme and provocative magic.

These best friends of over 10 years use their camaraderie, spontaneous antics, and unconventional tricks to defy expectations and astonish their subjects.

Comments (16)

08/23/21 at 06:37am

This is a great show. Please don’t cancel it. I haven’t in enjoyed a show this much since the Big Bang
08/17/21 at 08:14pm

Finally a different magic show!
It’s cool that you can’t compare this to any other magic show. I think the world needed a new era of magicians. They did a good job about being original. Hope to see a second season!
07/25/21 at 11:48am

My son loves magic an really enjoys watching Chris Ramsay's videos on Facebook so when he seen the preview for this show, he was excited. It's not over the top, but not beginning level either. Entertaining and fun. Hope there's a season 2!
07/11/21 at 10:43pm

They did some cool stuff in the show but Carbonaro effect is much better the guys are likable but most of the tricks I can easily figure out
07/01/21 at 09:44pm

This show is the epitome of cringe. Absolutely terrible. I think the TV executives that gave this show the green light were still recovering from a 10 day acid binge. Seems like the only reasonable explanation.
Al Corro
07/01/21 at 09:35pm

This show is garbage. Carbonaro Effect was 10x better and I'm not even a fan lol. WACK TASTIC. 2 BIG TOES DOWN. LOL CANT EVEN REMEMBER THERE STUPID SHOWS NAME
06/29/21 at 02:13pm

I think all you guys are jealous stop the hate . oh that green monster !!! love you revenge bunny !!!!!
06/29/21 at 02:11pm

I like the show all 4 really likable guys especially Alex (love the hair) it's fun . guess that makes me a mouth breather .
06/26/21 at 11:11am

Literally the worst show I’ve ever seen.
06/02/21 at 01:06pm

big trick energy is as funny as amy schumer, and as real as a red pill field report
this is big pain energy and whenever it comes on i turn the show off and immediately grate the skin off my knee and pound my head into a wall as i watch paint dry, because that is better than big trick energy
big trick energy has sent me to the emergency room multiple times and even once resulted in me breaking my 4k television from sony
if i could rate the show a negative 41095.87 i would because that is how much money it has cost me

who likes big trick energy? the same people that poop after they shower, breathe through their mouths, and prefer low-fat chips.

go watch impractical jokers instead, sal is very funny in that show

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