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A reality series where magicians and daredevils perform for unsuspecting spectators.

Master magicians and mischievous daredevils Chris Ramsay, Eric Leclerc, Wes Barker, and Alex Boyer perform their crafts in the real world to surprise and delight unsuspecting spectators with their unique brand of extreme and provocative magic.

These best friends of over 10 years use their camaraderie, spontaneous antics, and unconventional tricks to defy expectations and astonish their subjects.

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04/07/22 at 12:02pm

These guys should be embarrassed. The show was unwatchable and I hope they never get another episode. There was one scene in particular where they were going to play a joke on one of magicians. They all walk up to a table and look down at a camera. They then cut away to another angle where they're all looking down at an empty table. Okay, so where did the camera they were all just looking into go? Then one of them gets blasted in the face with water. HAHA GOT HIM. Except, when you watch the video you can see that the guy who gets water in the face actually has to step on a peddle to activate it. When they lie to the audience and treat them like idiots it only makes it that much worse to watch. Nothing real about it and it's more slapstick than actual magic.
02/23/22 at 07:36pm

Update to my previous comment. On a podcast Chris and the others said that the first few episodes weren't the best and that it took some time to figure out what worked for their show. I have gone and watched all the way through and the show does get better.

It still needs more focus but if they do more things like public magic competitions, red light magic, and stuff like they did in the David Blaine episode, then this could actually become a decent series. They just need to make sure that their show does stand out against the carbonaro Effect and the impractical jokers otherwise it will be quickly forgotten.

They shouldn't have released the first two episodes because it does make the series seem pretty awful. Episode 5 is where the show starts being decent and similar to their You Tube content.
02/23/22 at 04:01pm

Terrible show which is really sad and doesn't make sense. All of these guys are real magicians. Chris Ramsey has an awesome You Tube channel and with another magician friends of their names Spidey has performed for Penn and Teller and both Wes and Eric have fooled both Penn and Teller with their tricks on Penn and Teller's Fool us. These guys are actually talented and fun to watch on their You Tube channels.

I blame Tru TV. It has to be the main reason that this show sucks and is so unbelievable. Everything about the show seems scripted and fake. None of the reactions feel real. Even if they are real reactions the show does nothing to prove that they are. It feels like a worse version of Chris Angel.

I still like Chris Ramsey and the others. I know they are good magicians, but this show does not do them justice.
08/23/21 at 06:37am

This is a great show. Please don’t cancel it. I haven’t in enjoyed a show this much since the Big Bang
08/17/21 at 08:14pm

Finally a different magic show!
It’s cool that you can’t compare this to any other magic show. I think the world needed a new era of magicians. They did a good job about being original. Hope to see a second season!
07/25/21 at 11:48am

My son loves magic an really enjoys watching Chris Ramsay's videos on Facebook so when he seen the preview for this show, he was excited. It's not over the top, but not beginning level either. Entertaining and fun. Hope there's a season 2!
07/11/21 at 10:43pm

They did some cool stuff in the show but Carbonaro effect is much better the guys are likable but most of the tricks I can easily figure out
07/01/21 at 09:44pm

This show is the epitome of cringe. Absolutely terrible. I think the TV executives that gave this show the green light were still recovering from a 10 day acid binge. Seems like the only reasonable explanation.
Al Corro
07/01/21 at 09:35pm

This show is garbage. Carbonaro Effect was 10x better and I'm not even a fan lol. WACK TASTIC. 2 BIG TOES DOWN. LOL CANT EVEN REMEMBER THERE STUPID SHOWS NAME
06/29/21 at 02:13pm

I think all you guys are jealous stop the hate . oh that green monster !!! love you revenge bunny !!!!!

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