Buried by the Bernards

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Feb 12, 2021 - Present






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A reality series following a family-run funeral home.

Ryan Bernard and his bickering, but big-hearted, family manage their budget-friendly funeral home doing their best to help grieving families in their community say good-bye to their loved ones.

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02/14/21 at 12:04pm

I watched the show and liked it. Looking forward to the next episodes.
02/14/21 at 01:34am

Haters gonna hate. Some of the bad reviews on here are just people who hate reality Tv and didn't even watch the show. I Loved this Show!
Uncle Kevin had me literally laughing out loud. I appreciate a show that has such strong family values.
02/13/21 at 02:51pm

I just watched the show and I love it ,,, it's so funny
Mrs.Debbie is SMH funny and Kevin we all have a family member like him,,
Thank you for the laughs
Hope Netflix picks them up for another season
02/12/21 at 08:03pm

So reality shows ruined network television and then Netflix thought it would be a good idea to put that trash on their streaming service? Seriously? Stop.It.
02/12/21 at 05:32am

I just watched the trailer. Are you kidding me Netflix!?

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