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Call Me Kat

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Jan 03, 2021 - Present






Kat - Mayim BialikSheila - Swoosie KurtzRandi - Kyla PrattPhil - Leslie JordanMax - Cheyenne JacksonCarter - Julian Gant

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A comedy following the life of a single 39-year-old woman.

Kat is a 39-year-old single woman who struggles every day against society and her own mother to prove that she can still live a happy and fulfilling life despite not having a partner. Which is why she spent all her savings to open a cat café in Louisville, Kentucky.

Her mother views her daughter's single-hood as her own personal failure, but Kat is determined to chart her own course to happiness. And while Kat is fine with her independence, her plans to be forever single hit a snag when her former crush and good friend returns to town and works as a bartender at the piano bar across the street.

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10/28/21 at 10:22am

if this show was successful in england, something does not translate. this "comedy" seems pointless. none of the characters (to me) comes across as relatable or sympathetic. this show drags from scene to scene. bialuk is better than this. cannot believe there will be a 2nd season!!

cancel this horror. waste of air.
10/05/21 at 07:53pm

Please keep this show on for a second season! It is fun, quirky and kind. Very refreshing and definitely needed!
Juicy Lucy
09/25/21 at 06:41pm

This show surpasses that Caveman show from the early 2000's as the worst comedy ever created. I have tried to watch it many times but it makes me cringe everytime. Not funny and sad to watch.
judith kiely-shelaga
09/09/21 at 06:10pm

I have tried twice to watch this show - and never managed to get past about minute 4. Worst television I have seen in decades. Actually makes me cringe!!
08/09/21 at 03:39pm

Quirky and fun! I love this show. I had the season recorded on my DVR and have watched them all in the last few days. I love the humor and the relationships. I hope this show gets another season.
05/09/21 at 04:15pm

Well, I'm in the minority here but.....my Mom, husband and I actually liked this show. We found it cute, lighthearted and funny--and loved the actors. Hoping for another season!
Candy Price
04/30/21 at 07:19pm

I hardly got through the pilot show ! Didn't watch it for several months.... then, hoping it had improved, gave it another chance. IT DID NOT IMPROVE !!! AT ALL ! the cast members are great on their own. BUY, NOT ON THIS SHOW ! Maybe the premise is all wrong ! I mean, how far can a show go with a cat cafe as a main feature ! MAYIM IS SOOOO, uber talented. I just love her. But this show - has to go, or get a MAJOR OVERHAUL ! I MEAN MAJOR !
04/01/21 at 11:33pm

Trying to get into it, but really you should just watch the british version "Miranda" instead.
03/29/21 at 12:06pm

It took me a bit to get into it, but I like it. Lighthearted and easy to watch.
03/23/21 at 03:09am

Call Me Cancelled. I have never been a huge fan of Mayim Bialik. But I know her from The Big Bang Theory and liked her as Amy Farrah Fowler on screen and I miss her with Jim Parsons.I expected to at least value her as an actress if not as a person but that didn't happen with this show and I'm more than disappointed. Also breaking the 4th wall is so inappropriate at some points and disturbing. It feels a little outdated.

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