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Jan 03, 2021 - May 04, 2023








Kat - Mayim BialikSheila - Swoosie KurtzRandi - Kyla PrattPhil - Leslie JordanMax - Cheyenne JacksonCarter - Julian Gant

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A comedy following the life of a single 39-year-old woman.

Kat is a 39-year-old single woman who struggles every day against society and her own mother to prove that she can still live a happy and fulfilling life despite not having a partner. Which is why she spent all her savings to open a cat café in Louisville, Kentucky.

Her mother views her daughter's single-hood as her own personal failure, but Kat is determined to chart her own course to happiness. And while Kat is fine with her independence, her plans to be forever single hit a snag when her former crush and good friend returns to town and works as a bartender at the piano bar across the street.

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Matthew G
07/20/23 at 08:42pm

This comedy I really loved. I don't know why it got cancelled. I literally loved this comedy.
07/14/23 at 01:17pm

She was OK on Big Bang because of the excellent writing, but this was just too stupid and she was terrible, glad it's cancelled. Now just get her the hell off of Jeopardy, she is a really crappy host. Ken needs to be the ONLY host, she sucks.
06/04/23 at 07:18pm

Glad this is gone, the show and her were terrible. Now if we can just get her off Jeopardy and have Ken full time.
05/18/23 at 01:34am

The show went flat after Leslie Jordan's (RIP) death.
05/17/23 at 04:27pm

I was surprised to see this show was recently canceled. I had assumed it was already canceled immediately after the first episode. Absolutely unfunny. Unwatchable.
05/15/23 at 09:50pm

Terrible show... never shoulda made it 1 season. Funny as wet newspaper.
Cheryl Cooke
05/11/23 at 08:44am

I watched from the beginning and LOVED the show when Leslie Jordan was part of the cast. It seemed to fizzle after Leslie’s death. However, it was cute and campy and a refreshing change from the reality based muck currently being shown. I find myself watching reruns of Perry Mason, The Golden Girls and Barney Miller when I turn on the TV. I really don’t want to see people who have just met getting married, or tired housewives all dressed up and ready to curse each other and fight!
05/05/23 at 09:22pm

Best wishes to the futures for the cast & crew.
I know my wife liked the series and I'd occasionally watch it with her.
10/24/22 at 06:46pm

This show was funny with Leslie Jordan, now that he has passed on, I hope the show continues, it is a nice show to watch, but hilarious with Leslie. Rest well, Leslie, I enjoyed our conversation some years ago, he is funny both on and off stage.
Robert Lonardo
05/11/22 at 05:12am

Call Me Kat was renewed for a third season.

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