Cowboy Bebop

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Nov 19, 2021




Drama / Sci-fi




Spike - John ChoJet Black - Mustafa ShakirFaye - Daniella PinedaJulia - Elena SatineVicious - Alex Hassell

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A sci-fi drama adapted from the Japanese anime series of the same name.

Follow a ragtag crew of bounty hunters as they chase down some of the galaxy's most dangerous criminals. They're willing to save the world - for the right price.

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01/26/22 at 02:52pm

I just watched the first episode. Not impressed and I guess not many others were either.
12/19/21 at 04:06am

If you also wish its live action series adaptation to continue, please go to to petition its 2nd Season production.
11/20/21 at 10:21pm

Love it cause I enjoy it for what it is; the characters, the stories.

GTH to people who make it a habit to mock live action movies/series that don't go follow 100℅ to their original works. What's the point--and the fun--of watching it if you already know everything from its Act I to III?

I'm somewhat OCD, but not that much to look for itsy bitsy flaws in the series just for the sake of it. Nothing here comes naturally as cringe-worthy scenes.
11/20/21 at 01:04pm

This show is terrible. Its not just bad, its bad on roids. The acting is some of he worst I have seen in years, worse then CW's worst even. The action scenes are so terrible its like they are in slow motion or something. You literally see John Cho swing at a guy and his hand is 2 feet from him for a punch, not once but so many times its ludicrous. And its not done in a comedic way, its just terrible bad stunt work from most of the actors. Its like they accidentally put the practice scene in not the real ones. The writing makes George Lucas's original works seem like Shakespeare. All in all, this was a huge waste of my time. They had one shot at doing this right and really fucked it up!
Steve S.
11/19/21 at 04:51am

Steve S.
11/19/21 at 04:51am

Did the steal the music from a SNL cartoon? What happened to actual previews? Or is this all style and no brain? Is the Democratic "sci fi" like their "infrastructure"?

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