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Jan 07, 2021




Drama / Crime




Ben - Michael ChiklisEl Catrin - Juan Pablo Raba

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A drama following an American border patrol agent who starts working for those on the other side.

Ben Clemens has been a border patrol agent for the past 32 years. But when he is forced to start helping the same people he spent his career trying to keep out of the US, it exposes him to life on the other side of the wall. This leads Ben to question his views of the world, which ultimately challenges his ideology and loyalties.

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Couch Potato
01/18/21 at 12:41pm

Michael Chiklis is an underrated talent. The storyline is intriguing, and as the plot unfolds it sucks you in. I enjoy how most of the cast portrays their characters. I'm not too keen on how the actress portrays the investigator Holly Vincent. Other than that the show is worth looking into.

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