Day of the Dead

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Oct 15, 2021 - Present




Drama / Horror


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A horror drama following people trying to survive the early hours of a zombie invasion.

In a small Pennsylvania town, a group of strangers are brought together when the undead rise up and start wreaking havoc.

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10/22/22 at 11:33pm

where is season 2
12/15/21 at 06:32pm

PS The trailer is supposed to be campy. An ode to trailers of the 60's, 70's, and early to mid 80's.
12/15/21 at 06:30pm

Fun show. If you get past the first 2 or 3 episodes, it gets better and better. Light heated yet dark at the same time. I think G.R. would have appriciated this show for what it is.
10/17/21 at 03:15pm

Didn't even see the trailer but from what I saw in the first episode got me wanting to see more
10/15/21 at 06:58am

Trailer says "Ode to George Romero" ... fairly sure he would be embarrassed to have his name in the trailer for this trash. SyFy does a good job of taking some of the worst actors and making them stars .. looking at you "Sharknado" ...but the acting in this trailer is so bad, I cant imagine how bad this show will be.

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