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Mar 01, 2021 - May 24, 2021




Drama / Sci-fi




Finola - Riann SteeleBryan - Jonathan TuckerCraig - Norbert Leo Butz

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A drama following the investigation of alien spacecraft wreckage that causes mysterious effects on people.

When mysterious wreckage from outer space starts to fall from the sky, an international agency works to figure out where it came from and what is behind it.

Two agents - Finola Jones from Britain and Bryan Beneventi from America - must work together to track down as many pieces of the scattered debris as they can, as each fragment has an unpredictable effect on those who find it, changing their lives in unexpected and dangerous ways.

It's a race against time for the agents to uncover the mystery before outside forces acquire these powerful objects for themselves.

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10/08/21 at 01:09pm

Most shows like this get canceled and it's really a shame.
sunshine girl
10/06/21 at 09:45am


Ridiculou reality tv and stupid gameshows are king and cheap to make. Looking vack, it is amazing Fringe, Lost, X Files, etc survived such a small minded insustry. You want broadcast variety? Well, pick a forensic crime show and shut up. The networks are dolts. Hahahaha

Stupid TV.

I'll take "Stupid Shows That Are Still On The Air" for $500, Alex.

Now let's sell some soap and insurance!

09/03/21 at 07:04pm

Damn! Every single time I get interested in a show, it is suddenly canceled without any warning. And it is rudely ended with absolutely no conclusion and leaves me wondering just what the hell happened. From now on I refuse to watch any new program. I will record the entire season, and, if it actually survives the ridiculous cut, I will then binge on the damned thing.
Richard J. Blanco
08/25/21 at 11:00pm

Honestly monkeys chimpanzees gorillas zebras horses could do a better job of running net worth than the three or four local networks great show anything canceled and they did the same thing with a couple other shows that shouldn't have been canceled good Lord ABC NBC CBS sometimes fox is run by inept people
Richard J. Blanco
06/25/21 at 11:09am

Once again the local networks prove they run by idiots this was actually a really good show why would you cancel it it had a great storyline it had good cast more and more network shows up being less watchable and people are going to you know Hulu Netflix the big three HBO Showtime and Cinemax
Mrs Darr
06/01/21 at 01:25pm

I like this show, I like bizarre ideas! Oh the possibilities wish.hulu would pick it up and give it more than one season!
06/01/21 at 11:06am

I liked the show but honestly I can see why it got canceled. I wouldn't say that it would do better on SyFy (though it to would only give it 1 season); but it probably would have done better as a binge series (all episodes released same day) on any Streaming service.
05/30/21 at 08:13am

The show didn't have enough pretty faces to hold audience attention ala Manifest. Both shows stretch credulity to the limit though.
05/28/21 at 11:41pm

A show I was pretty hyped for as it followed bizarre mystery shows like Lost and Fringe. The concept was interesting, but I will admit I had a hard time following. Only a few episodes kept me engaged, but the show in general made it hard for me to be excited to see the next episode. Not surprised it got cancelled. Maybe the next project will be more engaging.
05/27/21 at 09:59pm

Typical of NBC. They did the same with Journeyman in 2007. Both excellent well acted interesting sci-fi series killed after 13 episodes. I have pretty much given up with the old networks! It is actions like these that are killing them off. Good riddance.

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