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Mar 01, 2021 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Finola - Riann SteeleBryan - Jonathan TuckerCraig - Norbert Leo Butz

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A drama following the investigation of alien spacecraft wreckage that causes mysterious effects on people.

When mysterious wreckage from outer space starts to fall from the sky, an international agency works to figure out where it came from and what is behind it.

Two agents - Finola Jones from Britain and Bryan Beneventi from America - must work together to track down as many pieces of the scattered debris as they can, as each fragment has an unpredictable effect on those who find it, changing their lives in unexpected and dangerous ways.

It's a race against time for the agents to uncover the mystery before outside forces acquire these powerful objects for themselves.

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05/11/21 at 07:30am

This is a decent show with an interesting concept but with the tried and true bad guys.The show does move too slow and as for the leads they are no Mulder and Sully(very boring)
Ursula E Stewart
05/06/21 at 12:25pm

Being a science lover, this show suits my husband and I very much. We can't wait to see each episode. It moves along enough for us. We don't need a lot of blowing up and crashing to enjoy mind benders. Thank you for this.
05/01/21 at 01:26am

This show isn't terrible. But it moves way too slow for an hour-long episode. So they could condense the season a little more so that it stays interesting longer, rather than have a sit and wait after each episode every week. If this is going to be one of those shows that we don't get an answer to at the end of each season, then that would be unfortunate.
04/22/21 at 09:09am

This reminds me of the classic series FRINGE which I loved. Good writing, decent acting and effects. We need a season 2!
04/18/21 at 07:27am

X-Files feeling. Hope it sticks around but it'll probably get replaced by a lousy reality/scripted show.
04/01/21 at 11:31pm

This scifi show surprised me. The writing is good, they are covering things I'VE NOT SEEN BEFORE on TV's or Movies, and trust me, originality is tough these days. It's on NBC so it will likely be cancelled, but I hope not.
03/22/21 at 01:46pm

I enjoy this show. It's not great but it's decent sci fi. If we are lucky we get a season 2. Manifest however is really great imo and I look forward to it. and of course the final season of lost in space.
03/20/21 at 06:21pm

I have to agree with Mike.

"Only the GOOD die Young" bring back Terra Nova.

Salvation would have been good, but got too political.... and the hurried ending was a laugh
03/16/21 at 09:00pm

Another sci-fi show “That everyone is talking about.” Please.

Another one of these shows. And not s good one. The good ones never last. Bring back those with good stories like Evolution and Terra Nova.... this show is so not interesting.
Steve S.
03/04/21 at 00:19am

I had the first episode on while I was occupied with other things. If it looked ok, I was going to rewind. I think I made to the end but it appeared to be rather uninteresting paranormal. I half expected a lot better. Bye bye.

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