Dexter: New Blood

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Nov 07, 2021 - Jan 09, 2022




Drama / Crime




Dexter - Michael C. HallKurt - Clancy BrownAngela - Julia JonesLogan - Alano MillerAudre - Johnny SequoyahMolly - Jamie Chung

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A sequel to 'Dexter' following the serial killer now living in New York.

It has been 10 years since Dexter Morgan went missing during Hurricane Laura. In present day he is living in the small town of Iron Lake, New York under the assumed name of Jim Lindsay and working at a fish & game store.

Dexter has suppressed his serial killing urges and has done well in embracing his new life, but after recent unexpected events in his close-knit community, his Dark Passenger beckons.

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02/24/23 at 06:43am

I enjoyed this thoroughly right up until the point Dexter had a miracle bullet wounds recovery. It took me completely out of the show. I was happy with the finale but would rather it had somehow given Dexter a redemption, at having solved 2 mysteries and disposed of a drug dealer and a serial killer plus that killer’s henchman, but the killing of Logan, which was completely unnecessary, killed that off.
Sunshine Girl
04/21/22 at 11:51pm

My pros and cons are numerous, but I will list just two right now:

Pros: Jennifer Carpenter's acting was magnificent. I think she may have outperformed everybody.

Cons: The Batista story arc did not allow me to suspend my disbelief. It was too convenient, and his acting chops were pretty rusty. Sorry, Angel.
Sunshine Girl
04/21/22 at 02:31pm

What "sucks" are brainless troll dolts like "Show sucks" who don't seem to understand this topic is about New Blood, not about Seasons 1 and 2.

Where have you been since S2 aired in 2007, "Show sucks"? Had you yet to even pass the manifold flesh exit of your mother's womb? Are you a fourteen year old little dolt?

You come on here pissing on an entire season from FIFTEEN YEARS AGO and expect your glib comment to have any merit?

Here. Here's a prepaid Google card. Go consume some virtual products that require little brain power consumption.

Sunshine Girl will handle the in more depth conversations for you.

"Season 2." Jesus H. Christ. You cannot make this shit up!
01/12/22 at 06:43pm

I LOOOOVED the finally! For those of you who are upset, go watch the very end of season 7 episode 12, and you will see why the finally made sense. It was the best series finally since Six Feet Under.
01/11/22 at 06:27am

I, too, was also happier with the 1st finale from the original show !! Wanted Dexter to live forever and ride off into the sunset to find a new area to clean-up the villians !! Now that will never be !!
01/11/22 at 05:55am

“Disappointed” nailed it! My thoughts exactly!
01/10/22 at 02:37pm

I couldn’t agree with you more Sherry. I was so excited for this show to premiere. It was a great show and I thought this concept had great potential for either 1 season or even multiple seasons. Just like Sherry mentioned before, I feel this last episode was extremely rushed and the season was, too. How did Angela go from madly in love with Jim (Dexter) to I’m going to put you away for life or even better yet going to get you the death penalty instantly? I thought it would be more believable for their to be stages of her being in denial, to shock, to anger, etc. But no! Ironically, instead she was more understanding with Harrison and basically helped cover up a crime for him without even thinking about it. Speaking of Harrison, he also just jumped on the bandwagon to kill his father. Again, they could’ve explained an understandable built up degree of hatred or hurt for his father. Yet, never went there until this ending and it was immediate when he finds out about the coach. He also blames everything on his father, that he wouldn’t be the way he is. However, based on what he did to those 2 kids (probably more because thats all we know of), the fact he was raised by serial killer, I would say he has his own serious issues. Don’t have an issue that he killed him, it’s just a shame they brought this back supposedly for just 1 season. Then why didn’t they do it right….it didn’t have to be for 10 episodes. They could’ve made it for more episodes or even a second season. I actually assumed Dexter would eventually die (either in the first season or maybe a second season), but based on the title New Blood I assumed this series was going to revolve around the son. This is obviously before I read this was supposed to be a 1 and done (like Your Honor, which is now renewed and I’ve read articles that suggest that might happen with this show).

If they do continue this series, please develop the characters and remember how calculated Dexter himself was. That’s exactly how they handled the show, which made it success. If you are going to rush anything than just leave it alone. Based on this season, I feel really cheated! It was such a great show and if you are not going to do it right than leave well enough alone. Sorry for ranting, I’m just so disappointed!!!
01/10/22 at 07:32am

The finale was not that great for me. Too rushed! Too many unanswered questions and things unresolved. I understand Dexter had to die, but not in that fashion and not by Harrison. I was happier with the first finale.
S. Liza
01/09/22 at 10:44am

I think the reboot was great - I loved the original and so glad it is back
Show sucks
01/09/22 at 03:22am

Good season 1 and fuck season 2

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