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Oct 13, 2021 - Nov 17, 2021








Dr. Finnix - Michael KeatonRick - Peter SarsgaardBetsy - Kaitlyn DeverBilly - Will PoulterRandy - John HoogenakkerBridget - Rosario DawsonRichard - Michael Stuhlbarg

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A limited series about how one company sparked the worst drug epidemic in American history.

This drama examines America's struggle with opioid addiction, from inside the boardrooms of 'Big Pharma', to a struggling mining community in Virginia, to the hallways of the DEA. The wide-reaching epidemic requires a massive, combined effort to take down the corporate forces behind this national crisis.

Based on the book 'Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America' by Beth Macy.

Comments (5)

10/19/21 at 06:39pm

There are supposed to be new episodes weekly... so next one should be Oct 20.
Kevin Hughes
10/18/21 at 09:12am

What happened to this Dopesick series? I watched the first three episodes, and now it's not on hulu anymore.
10/16/21 at 09:56am

Big Pharma lies all the time. 45%+ of FDA budget comes from big pharma. From 2004, FDA approval of first summited drugs were 29%, today it's over 90%. Big pharma wants to keep the world sick!!
10/15/21 at 05:07pm

why is dope sick not on hulu tonight
Steve S.
10/13/21 at 00:39am

Too much harm as been done to the people that have a legitmate need for opioids (horrible pain) and have a helluva time getting them. The vast majority of deaths are to recreationalist abusers. This series is likely misplaced because it's more about capitalizing on hype than on educating or helping anybody.

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