Family Game Fight!

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Aug 08, 2021 - Aug 07, 2022






Host - Kristen BellHost - Dax Shepard

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A game show where families compete in a variety of games.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard host this fun-filled competition inspired by their competitive antics on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'.

Each episode pits the husband and wife duo against one another as they each join a family of four competing for $100,000 in a series of larger-than-life games.

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08/02/22 at 11:17am

Dave - I believe it is cancelled. They are burning off two remaining episodes from Season 1 on Aug 2 and 7.
08/02/22 at 06:45am

Doesn’t look like it’s cancelled. New episode 8/2/22.
Steve S.
08/08/21 at 03:53am
Steve S.
08/08/21 at 01:44am

Bell is more like Ellen than you might know. She delayed (5 years) getting married to Shepard until California allowed same sex marriage. Bell may have a wiener schnitzel or Dax doesn't. However, while Ellen only seems to like blonds, it's obviously only brunettes that don't make Bell "vomit." (her word)

Joan Rivers R.I.P.
08/06/21 at 02:44pm

I just saw the preview and while Bell and Shepard are a cute couple, the show itself is too much like "Ellen's Game of Games" for my tastes. I plan on passing on this one.

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