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Sep 21, 2021 - Present




Drama / Crime


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A spin-off of Dick Wolf's 'FBI' focused on the International Division.

Aside from fighting crime domestically, the Federal Bureau of Investigation also has cases that span the globe. This spin-off of the hit franchise follows a team of elite agents from the FBI's International Division with the goal of keeping Americans safe when they are abroad.

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08/01/23 at 05:30am

I would have thought that the FBI international team was the CIA.
But what would I know I'm in the UK
05/29/22 at 05:54pm

The liberal left writes most of this tv crap but the anti gun, liberal agenda being espoused by this steaming pile is over the top. Anti-gun rhetoric while they run around shooting everybody in sight . Typical liberal logic!
Pam Lincoln
01/25/22 at 06:57am

I dislike this show and don't watch it anymore

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