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Jan 07, 2021 - Present






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A talent competition featuring over-the-top feats of strength and talent.

This extreme talent competition showcases larger-than-life talents on a huge scale. Acts like monster trucks, alligator trainers, stunt archery, and other impressive feats are celebrated alongside personal stories from the contestants as they go head-to-head to impress the celebrity judges and advance toward the finale's ultimate prize of $100,000.

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01/06/22 at 10:06am

After the fake Youtuber lawsuit of the first season, the gimmick commercials, and the crap that was the first season, this show should choose go home. Reruns of almost anything would be a better option.
Tim D.
03/29/21 at 02:50pm

What a gyp! After prodding contestants to go bigger and bigger they give the prize money to the lamest, tamest act in the finale.
Yeah, the kid was cute, but the act paled to the death defying act the guy on the big ramp pulled off (on his 2nd try, but still...) or the
outrageous acts by the Asian strongman and the record setting
pulling a car using his eye sockets carnie. Even the comedic stunt by the show's host was more entertaining.

I guess this will be just another "reality" show where the "judges" are clueless to the spirit of their own show. If all you have to do is weave a kid into your act to steal a win then I won't be watching this ever again. I feel sorry for all the contestants that worked their asses off and risked great injury to themselves just to be upstaged by a contestant that brings in a ringer at the very end of the competition. If I wanted to see this kind of bias I'd watch AFV. Go "Big" Show indeed...

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