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Nov 24, 2021 - Dec 22, 2021




Drama / Action




Hawkeye - Jeremy RennerKate - Hailee SteinfeldEleanor - Vera FarmigaKazi - Fra FeeMaya - Alaqua Cox

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A limited drama following the continued adventures of the Marvel Comics archer.

Follow the adventures of Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, who teams up with a fellow archer named Kate Bishop to take on bad guys in their city.

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Dirk Van Hauwaert
12/25/21 at 03:45pm

Pretty good show. Jeremy Renner is my fav Avenger :-)
But I hear it ended with that very good 6th episode. Too bad.
12/11/21 at 05:32pm

Pretty good. Could've done without Bat-mite though. Should've stuck to the comics.
11/24/21 at 04:02pm

Just watched both Episodes, they were actually pretty darn good. LOL Hawkeye LARPing is a hoot.
11/24/21 at 04:41am

Not sure why Gene is calling it Woke Eye. I just have to assume he never read comic books. Hawkeye passes the mantel to a female Hawkeye decades ago in the comic books, it was his daughter in that case, Kate Bishop. The only think in this version is Kate is not his daughter is all. Nothing I have seen from trailers, interviews and leaks ever remotely suggests this will be a CW'd version of Hawkeye.
10/16/21 at 09:39am

Should be called "Woke-eye". It will bomb!

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