Jupiter’s Legacy

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May 07, 2021








Sheldon - Josh DuhamelWalter - Ben DanielsGrace - Leslie BibbChloe - Elena KampourisBrandon - Andrew HortonFitz - Mike WadeGeorge - Matt Lanter

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A drama following the first generation of superheroes and their children, who are trying to live up to their legacy.

The Union is a superhero team comprised of the first generation of heroes who have kept the world safe for almost a century. As they hand the reins to their children, tensions are rising and the old rules no longer apply. Can the younger generation continue their elders' legendary ideals?

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01/13/22 at 00:40am

For the first time in a long time, a show worthy of watching. It was complex and delicious with intrigue. This show had a potential to be the next super hero box office level series. However, I believe netflix realized they stepped into a sandbox of shit they didn't know what to do with. they created 3 main plot lines. Pre wwII, God like power being come back during the middle of the great depression, and trying to maintain wholesome values in modern day world. All the while dealing with all the various subplots.

Netflix truly showed me what a bunch of nitwits they are by cancelling this show, and because of that. I am cancelling my subscription to netflix.
10/20/21 at 06:38pm

Too bad. I kind of liked this one.

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