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Sep 09, 2021 - Present




Drama / Crime


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An Irish drama following a Dublin crime family's war with a drug kingpin.

When a young boy is killed in Dublin, the Kinsellas family embarks on an unwinnable gangland war against an International cartel. They find themselves holed up in their stronghold while their businesses fail and family members and associates are picked off. The only thing they have going for them is the unbreakable bond of blood and family.

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Andy Butterfield
09/22/21 at 11:00am

I really like Charlie Cox and Aidan Gillen so naturally I was excited to watch this. Charlie's character is a bit disappointing so far but Gillen is great as Frank. The rest of the cast does a good job. It's a bit slow right now but you can tell things are going to pick up. I don't feel there is any glorification in this as I've heard some complain. Nothing about the lives of these individuals looks glamorous nor does it make me envy them. If anything, I feel pity for most. The show is well acted and executed.
09/22/21 at 10:52am

I'm liking this show so far. It's a slow burn. I thought it would be more like Love/Hate but it's not quite the same. The acting is pretty good and you can feel the tension building. My husband and I are enjoying it.
Jesse Jay
08/26/21 at 10:10am

I am so looking forward to this! It sounds a bit like Love/Hate and I adored that show. Can't wait!!

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