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Sep 28, 2021 - Present






Claire - Natalie ZeaGavin - Eoin MackenMarybeth - Karina LogueIzzy - Zyra GoreckiJosh - Jack MartinJessica - Catherine DentSam - Jon SedaLevi - Nicholas Gonzalez

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A drama following a primeval world that is revealed after a huge sinkhole opens in L.A.

When a massive sinkhole opens in the middle of Los Angeles, hundreds of people and buildings are pulled down into a mysterious and dangerous primeval land, with no choice but to band together in order to survive.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is desperate to understand what exactly happened and what it means. In the search for answers, one family is torn apart, and must work to unlock the secrets of this inexplicable event so they can find a way back to each other.

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11/19/21 at 09:50pm

I actually like this show very much, it reminds me of Terra Nova. I think it’s interesting and different. I hope it continues to grow. Looking forward to the next season! We need more shows that aren’t like all the others.
11/12/21 at 06:10am

so far so good. I'm enjoying this show thus far. pacing is adequate. People saying is slow and boring should consider watching that Apple series called invasion. La Brea actually reminds me so much of one show, TeraNova. Trust me, this is not a bad show.
Randy Hughes
11/09/21 at 06:18pm

I agree with everything people said about this show and for more than 30 years shows like Battlestar Galactica 100 lives of black jack savage seaquest DSV Earth 2 Space above and beyond surface Heroes Revolution Powerless Midnight Texas Emerald city have all been cancelled on NBC after one season or the series fail after season 2 to be cancelled.
11/03/21 at 09:22pm

I can not see this show getting another season. I lost interested after the episode of some of the characters are trapped inside a cave. They find the way out by swimming under water to an opening which isn't shown. The all come out of the cave and only one character's hair is wet. All their clothes, backpacks and cell phones never got wet or damaged. Never watched another episode after that. .
Jin S
10/21/21 at 07:50pm

This program would have to have a major rewrite and would have to greatly improve just to reach the terrible level. The CGI looked like it was done by third graders. The special effects were not very special. It is a perfect program for inDUHviduals that don't believe in science.

Now if the sinkhole opened under congress .......
10/20/21 at 03:00pm

Love this show so far , it reminds me of Lost. It has potential and i hope NBC wont cancel it .
10/20/21 at 01:36am

Bad acting, bad directing, bad writing, bad special effects and a bad clone of bad shows. Other than that, the show is perfect. Hey NBC, no need to cancel your show, I’ve already done that.
10/12/21 at 12:31pm

OMG this show is so bad, lol. Barely made it thru the pilot episode.
10/12/21 at 11:06am

Horrible! The special effects are laughable. Barely got through first episode. Like some of the actors, but the acting is sub par on a reused plot. Of course every group is represented in this new society...Disabled, Gay, White, Black, Asian, Female, Hispanic, mixed race, oh and surprise, it takes place in Los Angeles. If I kept watching probably a Transgendered character as well. Every show now runs the gambit. Not even good enough for background noise.
10/11/21 at 06:48pm

I could try to watch this if it didn't have those deafening music swells before commercials and at plot points to let us know when a scene is supposed to be really important. Who are those for? If you're watching the show you don't need them and if you're in another room are they supposed to summon you to run in and see what is happening? Any show that relies on these attention grabbers is lacking in story or acting quality. This might have been good as a movie but already it is slow and boring because it has to stretch out to fulfill a contracted number of episodes.

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