La Brea

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Sep 28, 2021 - Feb 13, 2024








Claire - Natalie ZeaGavin - Eoin MackenMarybeth - Karina LogueIzzy - Zyra GoreckiJosh - Jack MartinJessica - Catherine DentSam - Jon SedaLevi - Nicholas Gonzalez

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A drama following a primeval world that is revealed after a huge sinkhole opens in L.A.

When a massive sinkhole opens in the middle of Los Angeles, hundreds of people and buildings are pulled down into a mysterious and dangerous primeval land, with no choice but to band together in order to survive.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is desperate to understand what exactly happened and what it means. In the search for answers, one family is torn apart, and must work to unlock the secrets of this inexplicable event so they can find a way back to each other.

Comments (37)

02/19/24 at 10:22pm

Finally over, what were they thinking. They had a good idea but just became ridiculous. Obviously some of the stars thought so too, took a recess till the finale. Total waste of good actors, not good writers.
02/18/24 at 03:55am

So cheesy, bad acting, story jumps all over place but I still watch lol
03/13/23 at 07:24pm

I liked season 1 enough that I decided to hold off watching season 2 until all 14 episodes were on my DVR. I jumped out midway thru S2E3 and deleted the rest. Had great possibilities until it took the turn towards LOST and the main focus became staying on the air instead of presenting a good story.
12/31/22 at 01:08am

I finally gave up, every episode mentions her affair and I’m tired of seeing them act like they care for Gavin. They are neither a good wife or good friend. I hope the show continues for those who like it, but I’m out.
12/19/22 at 10:35pm


I like this show for the most part. But Gavin's wife cheating on him with his best friend is horrible. And then she cheats again in the past with his best friend again. Gavin reaches the past and finds them and they both hug him. I know Gavin was always drinking and she thought he was crazy, but if your marriage is in trouble. Work it out or get a divorce don't screw their best friend. It just really makes me mad, I liked her character before all of this. Now I think Gavin deserves better. The story otherwise has me curious and I feel like some twists might be ahead, but I hope they just end the love triangle bs one way or another already.
11/16/22 at 04:58am

First season was good. The second isn't holding my interest. The show feels to much like a LOST wannabe. It has also become very predictable while watching an episode.
11/08/22 at 05:17pm

I actually liked the first season but this season is just all over the place and completely changed what I thought the premise of the show was. Don’t think it will get a season 3.
10/16/22 at 01:43am

some of the worst acting, almost as bad as 'the 4400'
09/27/22 at 06:04pm

Trish , this is a low budget but effective poppcorn sci fi show. No wokism which destroyed the rings show and others helps. It just aims to entertain on a not so original but effective way. Garbage is stuff like rap smapling music not thos.
09/26/22 at 11:05am

How did this piece of garbage get a second season? Unreal.

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