Let's Be Real

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Apr 29, 2021 - May 20, 2021








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A satirical puppet series that covers politics and pop culture.

The satirical comedy special is now a TV series. New puppets from the worlds of politics and entertainment will be a part of topical sketches that include celebrity cameos and remote pieces.

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06/10/21 at 08:51am

I love this show. It spoofs both sides of the isle.The "woke" culture consist of a bunch of whiny babies.they spend their days searching something to whine about.They hate everything
05/31/21 at 04:50pm

Oh my goodness I love this show. It makes fun of freaking everyone and I love it.
05/12/21 at 07:14am

Normalizes sexual harassment instead of calling it out, frames the mando girl as being "woke" when she was really the opposite and got fired for belittling the holocaust and mocking transfolk. But this show would have you believe it's social awareness that made her foolish.

Maybe I'm just misreading the purpose, but I'm not delving deep into the philosophy of something that frames every joke with your face and every view with your trachea.
05/09/21 at 01:16pm

Very funny. Makes fun of extremes of every sort. Very intelligent comedy for people who follow the News which has gotten to sometimes be absurd without being funny. It's good to have a laugh about it.
04/29/21 at 07:42pm

I thought it was pretty good. I enjoyed how it made fun of public figures of all political stripes.
04/29/21 at 12:03pm

The special was unwatchable ... this series just might be actually worse.

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