Monsters at Work

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Jul 07, 2021 - Present


Sulley - John GoodmanMike - Billy CrystalCelia - Jennifer TillyTylor - Ben FeldmanMillie - Aisha TylerVal - Mindy KalingFritz - Henry WinklerDuncan - Lucas NeffCutter - Alanna UbachSmitty - Stephen StantonRoz - Bob PetersonYeti - John RatzenbergerMs. Flint - Bonnie Hunt

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An animated comedy that continues the story of the hit film "Monsters, Inc."

Six months after the events of "Monsters, Inc.", the city's factory has been transformed to harvest the laughter of children to fuel Monstropolis. With scarers being out and jokesters being in, an eager mechanic on the facilities crew tries to get a job working on the Laugh Floor alongside Mike and Sulley.

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10/11/22 at 08:29pm

I'm just confused why it took them a year to renew this for a 2nd season. Now it going to take another year or more to animate.

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