Motel Makeover

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Aug 25, 2021 - Present






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A reality series following two friends who transform a run-down roadside stop into a destination motel.

Best friends April Brown and Sarah Sklash leave their desk jobs to chase their Millennial dream, transforming a dingy motel in Sauble Beach, Ontario into The June Motel.

Now business partners, the duo must deal with project roadblocks and an unexpected pandemic in order to revamp their investment into a go-to getaway.

Comments (3)

08/28/21 at 07:14pm

Fun to watch as I’m renovating my first home. Voices are different, yes, but get over it and appreciate it for what it is.
08/26/21 at 04:24am

Cara, Agreed!! This show was painful to watch. The girls voices were like nails on a chalkboard. I skipped to the last 5 minutes of each episode to see the reveal. There was also lots of vomit worthy patting on the back. You're amazing. No. You're amazing.
08/25/21 at 03:14pm

Could be a good show if the voices are changed. Absolutely painful to listen to them.

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