Nine Perfect Strangers

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Aug 18, 2021 - Present






Masha - Nicole KidmanFrances - Melissa McCarthyLars - Luke EvansBen - Melvin GreggJessica - Samara WeavingNapoleon - Michael ShannonHeather - Asher KeddieZoe - Grace Van PattenYao - Manny JacintoDelilah - Tiffany BooneCarmel - Regina HallTony - Bobby Cannavale

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A limited series based Liane Moriarty's 2018 novel of the same name.

Nine strangers from different walks of life head to Tranquillum House as part of a mind & body transformation retreat. Each of them there to heal in their own way, a mysterious woman named Masha mixes and matches her guests in a way meant to completely change their lives.

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12/27/21 at 06:04am

Could have been a lot better, a lot of messy casting I believe. That Samara Weaving is one weird looking chick, freaky.
09/13/21 at 07:09pm

Much to my surprise, I like this one.
Steve S.
08/18/21 at 03:27am

Nine strangers to match up (apparently, couples allowed - orgy?) with an odd man out. Is the odd man Kidman's tomtoy?

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