Ordinary Joe

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Sep 20, 2021 - Jan 24, 2022








Joe - James WolkAmy - Natalie MartinezEric - Charlie BarnettJenny - Elizabeth Lail

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A drama following the different directions one man's life could take.

At Joe Kimbreau's college graduation, he faces an important decision that will affect the rest of his life. Three parallel stories diverge from that night showing the different outcomes that find Joe and the people around him with different relationships, careers, and family lives.

Some things change in unexpected way, while others stay the same. But there is really no correct choice, and Joe's life is still exciting, challenging, and unpredictable on every path.

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Tanya p
01/24/22 at 02:15pm

I love Ordinary Joe. Please bring it back for a second season.
12/08/21 at 11:07pm

Love the show! It highlights just how one decision can impact your life!
11/15/21 at 12:43pm

This show is amazing. I love the storylines and how there are certain things that would have happened in any life Joe chose.

It can seem a bit confusing at first. Here is my trick: Glasses Joe - Nurse, Scruffy Joe - Rocker, Clean Shaven Joe - Cop. It gets better with each episode and by episode 5 you will have a favorite Joe, Jenny & Amy.
11/10/21 at 06:34am

This show is not that hard to follow, they make it easy if you pay attention... but even easier if you look at the color tones.

When the picture has a GREEN hue it's the Jenny/medical Joe choice. When there is a BLUE hue police officer (makes sense) and a RED/ORANGE hue is the rock star Joe. Also a yellowish tone for the past (which is the same for all 3 versions.) The start of the show was normal tones..

This is a brilliant way to tell and unless you are color blind, easy to follow... nonetheless if it's cancelled it's because people aren't ready for something like that.. same ones that had trouble following where they were in The Matrix series (hint, green hue when in the matrix)..
10/15/21 at 08:16pm

I think the show is brilliant and fabulous!
10/14/21 at 05:28am

@Lori - kinda agree. It just seemed like too much work to watch and catch up. You get distracted for a few seconds and lose where you are. I gave it up into the 2nd episode. Maybe there is some trick to which scenario goes when or I'd get better at identifying it quicker, but even then seems overly complicated. I wonder if they displayed a small symbol/number/logo or something while in that scenario it would help. I might try again later when I can better focus.
10/06/21 at 04:05pm

Interesting premise BUT too much work for viewer working between all 3 life choices each week! Easier to follow if a single choice is highlighted each week! Sorry, but after working a 10 hour day I turn on the TV to be entertained not to spend an hour being confused as to “wife/no wife/maybe future wife of “no wife” life choice….or there’s kid/no kid/surprise kid with wife-no wife……..REALLY?? At this rate I’m positive the scenarios will become even more confusing!
Dania R.
09/28/21 at 12:46pm

Love James Wolk, love the premise, and so far, love the show!
Steve S.
09/20/21 at 04:46am

Hey Joe. I don't think so.

This seems like a mess to try to make this work - and be believable enough. Blonde or brunette? OK. Beyond that, 3 bad stories in one?

Pass. No contest on this time warp.

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