Pooch Perfect

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Mar 30, 2021 - May 18, 2021








Host - Rebel Wilson

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A competition series that looks to find America's best dog groomer.

Rebel Wilson hosts this dog grooming competition series that showcases ten of the country's best pet stylists as they compete in a series of themed challenges along with their assistants.

Three celebrity judges – Lisa Vanderpump, Jorge Bendersky and Dr. Callie Harris – vote on the creations along the way, leading up to the finale which crowns the winner of the cash prize and coveted "Pooch Perfect" trophy.

Comments (7)

04/17/22 at 07:51am

Glad this stupidity was canceled.
02/25/22 at 12:48pm

I enjoyed watching the artistic nature of the show. But the winner was chosen for emotional reasons and not for their actual talent and creation. Disappointing. It isn't the type of show that stood a chance at getting renewed.
07/05/21 at 02:22pm

Disappointed in this whole idea for a show and Rebel for hosting, thinking it’s ok and acceptable “entertainment”? Hoping it is cancelled. It’s cruel to make the animals stand for hours while getting fur dyed and atrocious wild cuts. Everyone involved in the making of this show should be ashamed of themselves. Cruelty!!
04/13/21 at 06:54pm

Pooch Porn = Pooch Cruelty
Just like Nancy said - forcing dogs to stand for hours while coating their fur with chemicals that dye and alter the fur for a competition should be considered animal cruelty. I do not see any entertainment value at all. Rebel Wilson should be ashamed of herself for putting her paycheck before the needs of these animals. Please cancel this for the safety and well being of the dogs.
03/31/21 at 09:30pm

This is gross. It reminds me of those showbiz moms that force their kids into doing stuff they don't want to do or have no business doing. Sorry, Rebel, but ew
03/31/21 at 07:17pm

No respectable groomer would do this to a dog.
Making a dog stand for hours, being dyed like an Easter Egg, wtf is wrong with you ABC?
Rebel Wilson trying to be relevant? This shows her desperation. Hope thos show gets cancelled immediately. This nonsense should not be encouraged.
03/30/21 at 06:45pm

Are you kidding me? THIS is what passes for entertainment now?
What a f*cking joke!
What's next, who can grow the best front lawn competition???

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