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Sep 02, 2021







Steve - Sean HayesDirk - Gary ColeRick - David HarbourStat - Patti HarrisonV - Laurie MetcalfTwink - Matt RogersDeb - Wanda SykesBenji - Gabe Liedman

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An animated comedy following a team of LGBTQ superspies.

Agent Mary is a handsome secret agent who leads a team of LGBTQ superspies as part of the Q-Force, the first queer spy division. Together they embark on extraordinary adventures.

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08/06/22 at 09:14am

I loved this show and was so hoping it would be back for more. I'm so sad to learn it's cancelled.
07/06/22 at 12:46pm

I'm sick of the "all women with short hair are gay and manly" stereotype. What were the writers thinking?? This b.s. secretly makes fun of queer people. Also "straight white male " and "yet another gay guy" are clearly the same 1 person trying to make it look like "diverse " people care about this show. NO straight white men watched this show and you KNOW it.
07/03/22 at 02:32pm

98% of the people commenting are the shows writers. OR people who really want queer representation on TV but are so desperate that they're willing to settle for this pathetic, gross garbage because it's "better than nothing"!!
07/03/22 at 02:29pm

The fact that this show was canceled proves that there is good in the world. According to this shows art style, being gay means that you look like an ugly, dog faced freak. And that a woman with short hair = QuEeR
03/02/22 at 11:18pm

Honestly it's great and something new I haven't seen before.
Straight white male
01/06/22 at 08:38pm

I think this show was great. Everybody should be happy that an adult animated show can actually portray different orientations even if they’re a little stereotypical about it. My girlfriend and I love it and hope that season 2 is on the way soon
Yet another gay guy
01/01/22 at 04:03am

I absolutely LOVE this show. It's light and harmless fun, really well done and with a clear conscience that the LGBTQ+ community needs to be heard and not cast away. A season 2 would be THE opportunity to explore this further, and show trans characters for instance.
12/19/21 at 12:40pm

I love this show, and so does my wife. It’s all stereotyping but in the best freaking way. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, then fuck. If you are boycotting the show because of the trailer, then you are only hitting yourself.
09/24/21 at 02:59pm

Loved this show, funny as hell even if it is stereotyping gays. Think it's meant to actually, like meta humor or something.
09/15/21 at 09:00am

Please please please renew this show! It's one of the most enjoyable LGBTQ+ content I've seen for a while. Yes, it IS stereotypical, but the writing is really clever and there are some truth-telling jokes in there as well. It's supposed to be fun, even satire in some degree so those who took this seriously should lighten up.

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