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Sep 02, 2021 - Present





Steve - Sean HayesDirk - Gary ColeRick - David HarbourStat - Patti HarrisonV - Laurie MetcalfTwink - Matt RogersDeb - Wanda SykesBenji - Gabe Liedman

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An animated comedy following a team of LGBTQ superspies.

Agent Mary is a handsome secret agent who leads a team of LGBTQ superspies as part of the Q-Force, the first queer spy division. Together they embark on extraordinary adventures.

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09/24/21 at 02:59pm

Loved this show, funny as hell even if it is stereotyping gays. Think it's meant to actually, like meta humor or something.
09/15/21 at 09:00am

Please please please renew this show! It's one of the most enjoyable LGBTQ+ content I've seen for a while. Yes, it IS stereotypical, but the writing is really clever and there are some truth-telling jokes in there as well. It's supposed to be fun, even satire in some degree so those who took this seriously should lighten up.
09/07/21 at 10:17pm

I Loathe this show that every bone in my gay body cringes every time I see this.
09/07/21 at 07:54pm

i liked this show, a bit stereotypical but funny as fuck
another gay person
09/06/21 at 06:47pm

I absolutely loved this show
09/05/21 at 05:57pm

I think it’s hysterical! Maybe it’s low-hanging fruit sometimes, but it’s super well done.
09/05/21 at 07:32am

this show is really good and quite funny, hope it gets a season 2
09/04/21 at 08:38am

It’s rated Mature Audience. It’s simple, if you don’t want your kids watching this set parental controls. Simple. Don’t play dumb
09/02/21 at 03:49am

Can you say indoctrination of children WOW
a gay person
08/31/21 at 08:28am

f!ck this show

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