Q: Into the Storm

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Mar 21, 2021 - Apr 04, 2021






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A docuseries examining the influence of QAnon on American culture.

This documentary series takes a look at the evolution of QAnon and its influence on American culture over the course of a three-year global investigation. See how the anonymous character known as "Q" uses conspiracy theories and information warfare to hijack politics and manipulate people’s thinking.

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Couch Potato
03/26/21 at 11:15am

Entertaining, but it doesn't answer why weak minded imbeciles are so easily influenced to believe lies, misinformation, propaganda conspiracy theories, and fake news. Q is the king of moving the goal post. Non of their predictions come true, yet people still feed off of Qs lies like chum.
Steve S.
03/21/21 at 06:28pm

“ its influence on American culture” - I would like to know but not through HBO. Are they the new 60 minutes? I would guess QAnon could merit 10-15 minutes. I doubt that more than 1% of Americans have the slightest idea of what QAnon means.
Bob with a B
03/21/21 at 02:42am

Woke liberal propaganda!

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