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Nov 11, 2021 - Present




Drama / Crime


Lake - Lucy HaleNathan - Henry Lloyd-HughesTerrence - Ali CookEmily - Thalissa Teixeira

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A thriller following the hunt for a gruesome serial killer.

A serial killer gets the attention of law enforcement after murdering six people and sewing their bodies together into the shape of a disturbing body nicknamed the Ragdoll.

As detectives look to untangle the gruesome case, the Ragdoll Killer begins to taunt them.

Based on the book by Daniel Cole.

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11/11/21 at 10:27am

Never heard of it, but seeing Lucy Hale is in it, I see cancelation in the near near future. Don't know why, but all of her shows have bombed since Pretty Little Liars.
Just Keith
11/11/21 at 07:05am

Silly question...
Why do they keep casting as cops and detectives...
dinky little people who couldn't pass the physical qualifications to become even a beat cop in the first place?
10/30/21 at 10:44am

Not on Spectrum in San Diego it shows Saving Private Ryan is on ?

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