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Nov 11, 2021




Drama / Crime




Lake - Lucy HaleNathan - Henry Lloyd-HughesTerrence - Ali CookEmily - Thalissa Teixeira

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A thriller following the hunt for a gruesome serial killer.

A serial killer gets the attention of law enforcement after murdering six people and sewing their bodies together into the shape of a disturbing body nicknamed the Ragdoll.

As detectives look to untangle the gruesome case, the Ragdoll Killer begins to taunt them.

Based on the book by Daniel Cole.

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Ask Me Anything
08/24/22 at 02:13pm

I just finally got around to watching this show after hearing very mixed reviews. I'm not familiar with any of the actors but liked the synopsis. I admit I never heard of the book. It started out just fine, with the exception of the Lake character. She was beyond annoying. As the story continued I got more interested but her character just got worse and worse until I finally had to stop watching altogether. I've heard people say that she was supposed to be unlikable. Even if that's true, they really overdid it because although the story was interesting, it wasn't interesting enough to make me continue watching. Her character was the worst.
11/11/21 at 10:27am

Never heard of it, but seeing Lucy Hale is in it, I see cancelation in the near near future. Don't know why, but all of her shows have bombed since Pretty Little Liars.
Just Keith
11/11/21 at 07:05am

Silly question...
Why do they keep casting as cops and detectives...
dinky little people who couldn't pass the physical qualifications to become even a beat cop in the first place?
10/30/21 at 10:44am

Not on Spectrum in San Diego it shows Saving Private Ryan is on ?

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