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Apr 08, 2021 - Jun 10, 2021








Annie - Katey SagalGrady - John CorbettBenji - James LesureCassidy - Lex Scott DavisLana - Tamala JonesZiggie - Ariela BarerNate - Kevin ZegersLuke - Sam PalladioCruz - Andy Garcia

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A drama inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich today.

Annie 'Rebel' Bello is a legal advocate working without a law degree. She's brilliant, messy, and fearless - and cares deeply about the causes she believes in and the people she loves. When Rebel dedicates herself to a fight she believes in, she makes it her mission to win at almost any cost.

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01/27/22 at 03:29pm

Typical ! ABC cancels so many good shows . Rebel was a great show! They don’t give their shows enough time to build a audience, especially if the time slot is up against an already established show. Shame on you ABC. Rebel was so good it could of been a return series for many years!!!!
10/08/21 at 01:13pm

This was a great show. These network execs are clueless. This would be a great Netflix or Amazon show.
08/29/21 at 02:40pm

What a damn shame. This show was great--the actors, the writing, and on and on. Could Netflix or prime pick this up? One of the very few excellent broadcast TV shows.
07/13/21 at 05:39pm

Rebel was one of my favorite shows. My family are very upset that they are canceling this awesome show. Wish they would reconsider and continue this show .
06/19/21 at 07:35pm

So sad this show was canceled it was a great show . I loved the characters their roles showed very strong women and we need more of those characters
Valerie MacCormick
06/17/21 at 03:48pm

I’m so disappointed that Rebel was cancelled,looked forward to watching it every week. I hope ABC will reconsider or another network will pick it so sad!,,,
06/15/21 at 06:15pm

Loved this show! You didn’t even give it a chance! Loved the actors, and story lines. Not everyone is into game shows and dating shows! I’m so so disappointed in you ABC! Bring this show back
06/13/21 at 11:19pm

Why was Rebel cancelled ? I enjoyed this show . Sad to see it’s cancelled,
06/12/21 at 10:22pm

I am saddened to hear that this show has been cancelled. The characters had passion for the jobs that they do. Networks need to give more diverse shows that are different than: police, fire departments, CSI, FBI.
Jody Jones
06/12/21 at 01:56pm

I cannot believe they are cancelling this show! Great writing, wonderful cast synergy and great characters!! I am absolutely gobsmacked by the networks nowadays- they make no sense and make the stupidest decisions!!

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