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Annie - Katey SagalGrady - John CorbettBenji - James LesureCassidy - Lex Scott DavisLana - Tamala JonesZiggie - Ariela BarerNate - Kevin ZegersLuke - Sam PalladioCruz - Andy Garcia

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A drama inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich today.

Annie 'Rebel' Bello is a legal advocate working without a law degree. She's brilliant, messy, and fearless - and cares deeply about the causes she believes in and the people she loves. When Rebel dedicates herself to a fight she believes in, she makes it her mission to win at almost any cost.

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06/11/21 at 11:02pm

I watched the last 2 episodes of this drama series based on Erin Brockovich who was instrumental in building a case against the Pacific Gas & Electric Company of California in 1993. She was sensational, an actress well versed in her career. I did not miss not one episode of this show, last week I fell asleep on the show, but restarted it several times to be sure I did not miss a single moment. I loved watching Katey Sagal from playing Peg Bundy on Married with Children, Leela on Futurama, Dr. Jones on Shameless and as the guest star on Superior Donuts with Judd Hirsch and Jermaine Fowler (excellent actor, hope to see more of him). I loved this show for showing us not only a woman fighting for righting a wrong, but also family life and in hers it was interracial and this shows a greater strength. I am sorry to say goodbye to a genuinely excellent show.
06/11/21 at 10:38pm

This is the story of three TV networks and three legal dramas…. That were canceled after a short run.

The first, ALL RISE on CBS. Granted this was a very popcorn type show, it was still interesting with some good acting and dynamics. Once the pandemic hit, for some reason masks and plexiglass dividers replaced good and compelling content. It was canceled after 2 seasons

The next, BLUFF CITY LAW on NBC. This was a more serious legal show, which tackled real issues. It happened before the pandemic and George Floyd but I can only imagine great episodes they would have put together if it was still on. It was not give a chance. The inky good of this is after being canceled after a season, Jimmy Smits was free to give a great performance in the movie IN THE HEIGHTS.

Lastly is Rebel, on ABC. So interesting compelling…plot,points that aren’t predictable. And so we’ll acted. Gone after 1 season on the ABC (Always Being Canceled) network. Hard to believe.

If good shows are not given a chance, there won’t be any more. If network TV wants to send us to streamers for actual good compelling content, the job has been done.

It doesn’t take a genius as evidenced by comments here to know Rebel and these other shows are well liked.

That’s my vent. If another legal show comes on, will anyone dedicate tome to watch it? I would say not.
Lisa Gilbert
06/07/21 at 11:19am

I cant believe you are canceling such an amazing show. All actors and actresses are so talented. You should cancel some of these stupid real life shows about people no one knows or cares about. Katie Segal is amazing in anything she plays in so please DO NOT cancel Rebel!
05/31/21 at 07:32pm

I was initially disappointed in the cancellation but after last weeks episode and their effort at jumping on the social bandwagon Im glad its done.
05/28/21 at 03:18pm

Disappointed That Rebel was cancelled.It was a great show! A very enjoyable hour of tv.I don't think it was even given a chance. If ABC Wouldn't Reconsider.My Wish is that another Network would pick it up & give it the chance it deserves.
05/27/21 at 10:38pm

Very, very disappointed the show has been cancelled. ABC should reconsider their decision as it is an excellent show with a superb cast.
05/27/21 at 07:26pm

Cannot believe Rebel has been cancelled, am very disappointed as it is only one of the 4 shows I really enjoy on nighttime network tv. Great actors, interesting and entertaining. Can’t stand reality tv shows either. Please bring Rebel back. Or please pick it up Netflix.
Next you’ll be cancelling A million little things , the View., might as well cancel Kimmel too.. then it’ll be goodbye ABC.
Joseph vakerich
05/25/21 at 07:56pm

I mean the writers and players are really talented . It’s actually tv worth investing time on . Really disappointed ABC.
Mrs Spencer
05/25/21 at 05:56am

Very disappointed this show is cancelled! Rebel is a great show. Love the actors, characters, and the storyline. It was barely on the air before it was cancelled. Newsflash, not everyone wants to see reality tv 24/7!!! Why do you think Netflix, Hulu, Apple tv, and Amazon Prime have so many subscribers? Hopefully one them will pick this show up. I watch less network television every day.
05/22/21 at 07:52pm

Please Netflix pick this show up. Great cast, great story lines. Just a great show all the way around.

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