Squid Game

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Sep 17, 2021 - Present






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A Korean drama about strangers partaking in a mysterious survival competition.

Over 400 cash-strapped players accept a mysterious invitation to compete in a series of traditional children's games. A tempting prize awaits them inside, but the games have deadly high stakes and put their morality and humanity to the ultimate test.

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11/09/21 at 12:09pm

It is good but I agree with Jenny certainly does not merit all the hype. Def worth a watch tho
10/22/21 at 10:50am

I was really looking forward to this show after all the hype and people saying how original it was. Honestly, it's not bad but there is nothing original about it. It's been done before. It's also pretty predictable. Due to the clues being very obvious, I was able to figure out who the host and person managing it was pretty early on so the ending wasn't at all shocking. It's not a terrible series but it's not nearly as great as people are claiming either. Worth a watch if you've got nothing else to do but don't go out of your way.
10/01/21 at 07:18pm

Best series I have ever seen on Netflix, hands down! Terrifying thrill ride that doesn't let up. Easily a 10 on the 'addiction' scale....

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