Tell Me Your Secrets

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Feb 19, 2021






Emma - Lily RabeMary - Amy BrennemanJosh - Hamish LinklaterPeter - Enrique MurcianoTheresa - Stella BakerJake - Elliot FletcherKit - Xavier SamuelRose - Chiara AureliaLisa - Ashley MadekweJay - Bryant TardyTom - Marque RichardsonDiana - Katherine WillisBodie - Richard ThomasJess - Emryi CrutchfieldSaul - Charles Esten

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A thriller following three mysterious characters each with a troubled past.

Emma is a young woman who once looked into the eyes of a killer and is now ready to start her new life in witness protection. Mary is a mother searching for her missing daughter, and when she learns that Emma could be responsible for her disappearance, she hires an ex-serial predator looking for redemption to track Emma down.

As each of these troubled characters is pushed to the edge, the truth about their pasts and motives comes to light and makes the situation murkier - blurring the line between victim and perpetrator.

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