That Damn Michael Che

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May 06, 2021 - Present






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A comedy where comedian Michael Che expresses his worldviews through sketches.

Comedian Michael Che illustrates what it feels like to experience everyday situations in America from his perspective. Topics include everything from unemployment, to falling in love, to racial profiling.

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Steve S.
05/26/22 at 03:26pm

Comedy is a common guise for expressing politics. They have it best if they can get away with it. Almost everybody is profiled, often racially, but more often what feels like profiling is more something else. You can be funny with it especially if both sides are funny and more aspects are taken in. Never have seen this guy but putting racial profiling out there as a topic right now, especially with so many radically liberal shows, has a distinct warning feel.
Just Keith
05/26/22 at 06:01am

Had me up to "racial profiling".

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