The Celebrity Dating Game

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Jun 14, 2021 - Aug 16, 2021






Host - Zooey DeschanelHost - Michael Bolton

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A star-studded reboot of the classic 1960s game show.

In this new version of The Dating Game, single celebrities are looking to find a date from a hidden panel of three potential suitors. From the other side of a partition, the suitors give their best answers to the celebrity's questions. The panel will use clues and questions to try and guess who the concealed celebrity is.

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07/09/22 at 00:11am

This should have involved desperate, racoon-eyed celebrities in gladiatorial contests armed with medieval weapons. Now THAT I would have watched, not plastic, empty shells of beeyoutiful elites vying in a contest to engage in emotional encounters they are only capable of simulating.
04/17/22 at 07:46am

Who would like this garbage? ABC is stupid.
07/20/21 at 06:46pm

I like this, I think, that Bolton is the right one for the part. But IF I had to choose another musical artist, I think that it should've either been Meat Loaf, OR AI season 13 winner Caleb Johnson. But I have to admit Bolton's still got it
07/17/21 at 02:31am

Painful to watch! Won't last.
06/15/21 at 07:44pm

Maybe if they find a real celebrity it will work.
06/15/21 at 09:55am

Can't believe someone thought this show was a good idea! I looked on here to see if it was cancelled already. I can't believe they can even get anyone to come on there. Cancel it and find a decent show!
06/14/21 at 09:35am

The only thing remotely interesting about this would be to see if one of these celebrities ends up with a serial killer, like one woman did in the original series (Rodney Alcala).

Other than that….just another celebrity game show.

It's Just A Flesh Wound
04/20/21 at 12:31pm

Why would anyone want to watch a bunch of celebrities get matched up on a dating game? The original dating game was cringe enough and now they think we want to watch a repeat with a star studded line? Nah. I'm good.
04/09/21 at 06:01pm

I'll take a pass on this one.
04/08/21 at 02:13am

Sure another Celebrity game show that highlights the narcissistic attributes of celebrities and their unrealistic views of now dating. How about going back to the general public for the dating game that is more fun and overacted like 99% of anything out of Hollywierd?

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