The One

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Mar 12, 2021




Drama / Sci-fi




Rebecca - Hannah WareJames - Dimitri LeonidasBen - Amir El-MasryDamian - Stephen Campbell MooreEthan - Wilf Scolding

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A drama following a matchmaking service that uses DNA to help people find their soulmate.

Rebecca is the ambitious founder of a company that pairs people with their soulmates based on DNA. The concept appears simple enough, but the implications are explosive and change the way people view love and relationships.

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03/24/21 at 07:57pm

OMG! I hope this show improves, I'm halfway through episode four and it has been the most boring show so far. I keep hoping something is going to add some life to this show but so far it is a major snoozefest and I'm one of those people that tends to find good on most shows. The first four episodes could have been shortened into the first half of the first episode without losing a thing. The idea for the show is good, but I doubt I'm going to be able to make through season 1 without giving up on it.
Just Keith
03/12/21 at 10:54am

That's awesome.

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