The Watch

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Jan 03, 2021 - Feb 14, 2021


Drama / Fantasy




Sam - Richard DormerCarrot - Adam HugillCheery - Jo Eaton-KentAngua - Marama CorlettSybil - Lara RossiDun - Sam AdewunmiThroat - Ruth Madeley

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A fantasy drama following a group of cops trying to save a city where crime is legal.

In the city of Ankh-Morpork, creatures like dragons and werewolves run wild and all crime has been legalized. This has resulted in a broken society where law and order is almost non-existent.

After decades of their corrupt city falling further into despair, a group of misfit officers rise up in an attempt to save it from total catastrophe.

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11/16/20 at 00:46am

Oh, I can't wait!!! I love the different Disc World movies and shows (except for Color of Magic). Always so fun!!!
10/24/20 at 02:53am

Fantasy?? Try "Reality Show"! BTW "Crime is legal" can never be in the same sentence. Illogical, by example, "up is down".

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