When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren

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Jun 24, 2021 - Present






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An unscripted series that looks at the lighter side of the natural world.

This hilarious tour of the animal kingdom features comedians lending their talents to put words into the mouths of creatures large and small - from frogs to badgers - in captivating footage from all over the world.

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06/24/21 at 06:44pm

I really liked it. It was very funny and cute. :)
Steve S.
06/24/21 at 11:44am

Does nature call in the woods when nobody's watching?

If it's a bonafide nature wildlife show then it's definitely for me. But if there's a lame ass attempt to be funny when it's not, or, it's supposed to be a people reality show, then I wouldn't waste a minute on it. Actual wildlife reality is not reality because reality has been misappropriated.
06/04/21 at 05:07pm

Nope, not for me.

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