Zero Chill

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Mar 15, 2021








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A drama following a teenage girl whose life is uprooted when her family moves to England.

Kayla is a talented teen figure skater who is forced to leave everything behind when her family moves to England so that her twin brother, Mac, can attend a prestigious hockey academy.

Now she must try find her place on the ice in the shadow of her big-shot brother. Kayla and Mac both make magic in their own ways, but their approaches are very different.

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04/03/21 at 02:10am

Nobody cares about this show, because it's BORING!
Steve S.
03/15/21 at 00:57am

Moves to England to attend a prestigious ice hockey academy? Possible but unlikely. Hockey in England usually means field hockey but field in summer Olympics is zero chill. Kayla could develop her shot find her place on the ice alongside her twin and bring diversity to England. Chill brother.

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