All American: Homecoming

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Feb 21, 2022 - Sep 30, 2024


The CW






Simone - Geffri Maya

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A spin-off of 'All American' following a tennis hopeful who moves to Atlanta for a new start.

Young tennis hopeful Simone Hicks moves from Beverly Hills to Atlanta with an eye on advancing her career at a historically Black college. There, she learns to navigate her sports training, friendships, relationships, and the expanded worldview that comes with leaving home.

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Matthew G.
06/03/23 at 07:41pm

I definitely recommend this show as well!!!! My Mom watched the first season, and I watched it with her, and we both loved it!!! WATCH THIS SPIN-OFF, IT'S EXCELLENT!!!!
Steve S.
10/10/22 at 00:35am

Noise rings gross me out and I don't care for most bling these days or CW. I'd hate to be a kid again.

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