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Jul 13, 2022 - Sep 07, 2022








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A comedy following a 30-something podcaster navigating her messy life in New York.

Phoebe is an outspoken podcast star in her thirties focused on making her professional mark while living a broke and messy life in Brooklyn. When her older brother launches a political campaign, Phoebe realizes she needs to start figuring out adulthood sooner than later.

Inspired by Phoebe Robinson's bestselling book "Everything's Trash, But It's Okay."

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04/08/23 at 12:33pm

Wow, I guess right winger’s really are as retarded and amoral as everyone’s been saying. I guess I was just hoping everyone was wrong but they just keep proving it over and over!
09/13/22 at 06:19am

Straight up, this show is stupid and mindless. Very doubtful it'll get a season 2
Steve S.
07/13/22 at 07:51pm

Let me nitpick the patootie bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who got elected to Congress and her big success to date is spearheading the defund the police movement. She is a leader of the woke movement and a powerful Democrat. This bambino might well be your twit pick.
07/13/22 at 01:23pm

You really have nothing else to do than nit-pick a teenage series, Keith? Just turn on NewsMax.
Just Keith
07/13/22 at 06:12am

Is it just me, or does the name of this network sound like a "birthing person's" monthly hygiene product.
Just Keith
07/13/22 at 06:11am

"When her older brother launches a political campaign"
More social engineering from the media, I'm sure.
Let me guess... Socialism good, Republicans bad.

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