Good Sam

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Jan 05, 2022 - May 04, 2022




Drama / Medical




Sam - Sophia BushGriff - Jason IsaacsLex - Skye P. MarshallCaleb - Michael Stahl-DavidMalcolm - Edwin HodgeJoey - Davi Santos

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A medical drama following a talented surgeon stepping into a leadership role.

Dr. Samantha Griffith is learning the ropes as Lakeshore Sentinel Hospital's new top surgeon, a role she took on after its legendary leader, who is also her father, fell into a coma.

But things are now complicated, as he has since recovered and wants to resume his duties. This results in a clash of family wills between the old guard and modern methods in a life-and-death business.

Comments (19)

10/12/22 at 03:04pm

I had a bad feeling about this one. It seemed to me that S.B. wasn't ready for this one. I would like to have seen this show succeed, but alas it was not meant to be ... Thanks... jm
07/31/22 at 11:03pm

I really liked this one. Could see the potential for the next season.
Karen G
05/12/22 at 01:42pm

Geez CBS clearing house? Take the good shows out and replace with garbage?
05/06/22 at 09:09pm

I just logged-in to see if this show was cancelled or renewed yet. I was mostly hoping it was cancelled, but I'd probably watch a 2nd season if that's what my wife wants to watch. My favorite medical shows right now are The Good Doctor and The Resident. I don't care for this one and in agreement with all the other negative reviews listed here. Sorry "Good Sam" fans:(
05/05/22 at 03:30pm

How did this show even get a 3.5 rating, when all but one review is bad.
05/04/22 at 03:23pm

This is actually a soap opera that is presented in prime time. Today is the last episode, I hope forever.
03/17/22 at 10:46am

Sam's father is constantly ambushing her, one scheme after another. She sort of fits in her patient care in between attacks.
It's tiresome and goes nowhere.
03/14/22 at 06:53am

Thoroughly unlikeable characters. These are supposed to be highly trained professionals, but they behave worse than my children ever did on their worst day. I don't care what happens to anyone in the show, so I had to stop watching.
02/26/22 at 01:18pm

The fathers actions in the third episode are completely absurd and would likely result in his dismissal before the rest of the convoluted BS storyline came around to kind-of cover his ass.

In general, I don’t think the show knows what it’s trying to be.

As for Jason Isaacs, I believe he’s a good actor who takes on bad roles but in this instance he’s playing a thoroughly unlikeable character with zero virtues.

It’s like to see the site cancelled immediately to give the other actors a chance at redemption in other shows, as I fear the stink of this show will otherwise follow them the rest of their careers which would be a shame given how young and clearly talented actors most of them are.
02/05/22 at 08:09am

I disagree with these comments, and I have thought it was great right off the bat. I just love it. I think compared to some of the other crap they have out there, this is a superior well done drama. I mean hello, Ghosts? They are trying to say this ridiculous excuse for a time waste is the number one show? Which idiots thought this up, watched it, and rate it highly? I am telling you, we are totally in the continued throes of the dumbing down of America and some of us don't like it.

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