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Mar 24, 2022 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


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A drama set in the universe that began with 2001's "Halo" video game.

There is a war for the survival of humanity in the 26th century, with humans warring against an alien threat called the Covenant. Master Chief is mankind's best weapon against the invaders, as he was trained for the single purpose of winning this very war.

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03/19/24 at 06:08pm

I liked the game and trying to beat Halo Infinity as we speak. But never did we see the face of Master Chief even in the movie, it was a shock to see his human form, I think it takes away.....from the....mystery of the Master Chief. Now the cat is out of the bag, let's continue on with the series and renew the 3rd and 4th season
03/19/24 at 08:49am

Feb. 2022, Halo was already renewed for S2. What's the hold-up for S3?
11/06/23 at 04:30pm

Halo is up there as one of my favorite shows. I was not previously aware of what Halo was, me not being into video gaming. I got it a bit confused with "Doom" which is a different franchise.

I also liked the aftershow interviews with Sydnee Goodman which are available for streaming too.

IMSC, why isn't the cast/stars listed in the info column?
07/13/22 at 10:11pm

Amazing show I truly love it, hope it does not get canceled. I REALLY want to see how all of this plays put. Please if you are going to cancel this show, at least give the story a good ending. Thank you...
06/11/22 at 07:59am

Good show, keeps twisting the plot...would love to see more!
06/05/22 at 08:58pm

No comments??????
This is a good series. keep the story line interesting.... I look forward to many years...... do you???? Say so!!!

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