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Dec 13, 2022




Drama / Sci-fi




Dana - Mallori JohnsonKevin - Micah StockThomas - Ryan KwantenMargaret - Gayle RankinLuke - Austin SmithRufus - David Alexander KaplanSarah - Sophina BrownOlivia - Sheria Irving

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A drama following an aspiring writer who is pulled back and forth in time to a 19th century plantation.

Dana James is a young, Black aspiring writer who has uprooted her life to move to Los Angeles, looking to claim a future that feels all her own. Before she even settles into her new home, Dana finds herself being mysteriously pulled back and forth in time to a 19th century plantation, where she learns secrets about her family's past.

Based on the Octavia E. Butler novel of the same name.

Comments (6)

Lea Caldwell
05/05/24 at 03:54pm

R u serious, this was a good series. The writing was excellent, very suspenseful with the unknown. They could have least gave us a 2 hour ending. Hulu, Netflix or Prime pickup it up please for an ending.
02/24/23 at 10:39am

Guess the Europeans were too uncomfortable with their history and heritage. It is extremely shameful and embarrassing, after all.
01/31/23 at 09:30pm

We finally get an Octavia Butler adaptation and they kill it. Artistry is dead.
12/21/22 at 07:37pm

KKK much
Mia Lockhart
12/13/22 at 05:13pm

Thoroughly enjoying this
12/13/22 at 12:20pm

Still on the Floyd bandwagon that ship has sailed.

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