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Aug 16, 2022 - Present


The CW




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A drama about the life of Leonardo da Vinci and the inner torment he felt while pursuing perfection.

Leonardo Da Vinci is a young 20-year-old painter who works in Florence in the workshop of Andrea Del Verrocchio. Always curious about science and nature, he expresses his enigmatic personality in all his works that leads him to create the masterpieces we all know, but also to experience great inner conflicts.

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08/30/22 at 08:09pm

da Vinci was likely gay, but this show sucks regardless. Typical CW tripe.
08/16/22 at 05:48pm

... and they will likely make Da Vinci GAY or Transgender too, since its CW.
Just Keith
08/16/22 at 09:59am

It's on CW.
I don't expect it to be historically accurate.
Even more, I expect it to be full of revisionist history and woke propaganda.

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