Leopard Skin

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Nov 17, 2022 - Present




Drama / Crime


Alba - Carla GuginoBatty - Gaite JansenMaru - Amelia EveFausto - Gentry WhiteMax - Philip WinchesterClover - Margot BinghamSierra - Nora ArnezederInocencia - Ana de la RegueraLasalle - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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A drama following a criminal gang seeking shelter in the beachside estate of two women.

A criminal gang fleeing a botched diamond heist seeks shelter in the remote paradise of Playa Perdida, Mexico at the beachside estate of two women.

The women, along with two dinner guests and a former housekeeper, are all soon taken hostage. As they await their fate, murderous secrets, cruel betrayals, and dark desires bubble to the surface.

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04/15/23 at 11:17pm

So effin good!! An original story, told in an original way with actors that makes excellent performances - one and all.
A couple of threads to start off a second season but the ending answered most of the important questions and gave it the feel of a limited series with a planned ending (if it weren't for the getaway driver....)
Steve S.
11/17/22 at 01:09am

I'd try if it was on NBC where it should be. On the other hand, it seems like if it has Carla Gugino (good actress) in it, it'll be short or cancelled anyway. Be prepared.

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