Little Demon

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Aug 25, 2022 - Present




Laura - Aubrey PlazaSatan - Danny DeVitoChrissy - Lucy DeVito

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An animated comedy following a mother and her Antichrist daughter attempting to live a normal life.

Laura is a reluctant mother who was impregnated by Satan 13 years ago. Her anti-Christ daughter, Chrissy, has recently discovered her demonic powers.

The two are trying to live a regular life in Delaware, but they are constantly bothered by monstrous forces, including Satan himself, who wants custody of his daughter's soul.

On top of that, Chrissy is also navigating junior high school, while Laura struggles to assimilate to the flow of life in a small town.

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11/26/22 at 00:09am

Funny, but by the time you get to episode 10, you feel done. That being said, great cast and fun side characters.

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