Ms. Marvel

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Jun 08, 2022 - Jul 13, 2022








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A limited drama following a high school superhero fan who becomes one herself.

Kamala Khan is a New Jersey high school student who is a huge fan of superheroes like Captain Marvel. All the time she spends in a fantasy land dreaming about her heroes makes her feel like an outsider, but that all changes when she acquires new superpowers. Now the fate of the future rests in her hands.

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09/09/22 at 12:24pm

I love this show, awesome plot and great story line. Wish people would just enjoy the show and leave thier personal opinions on how people should live and be to the side. Hope if they do cancel it because of these overly sensitive, opinionated people atleast they will give it a solid ending.
C'mon son
06/13/22 at 07:50am

Imagine getting this wound up about *make believe.* It's just television shows. If there's something on a show I don't agree with or like, I don't watch it. Despite what right wingers believe, I actually don't like boycotting things. Let the market and ratings decide. I just choose to not spend my money or time on something if it embraces any kind of bigotry or racism. I'm not threatened by LGBTQ characters (despite being hetero), because they're not a threat to me. Especially if they're only fictional.

Have a blessed day, Steve.
LOL what?
06/13/22 at 07:44am

Oh Steve---you're just proving my point. Keep on truckin'.I'm done with you now.

(You should be used to hearing that.)
Steve S.
06/10/22 at 08:15am

I didn't assume anything about the "what?" clown except that "it" is of low intelligence and snipes insults through an ever changing handle. We all know the issue the (probably large) majority of people have with Disney is related to the sick way Disney wants children brought up. Not at all what's being spewn by the what-it loser moron clown.
LOL what?
06/09/22 at 08:25am

The only "it" in this thread ends starts with "sn," as in "conservatives are always in a snit about things they don't want to watch anyway."

P.S. I'm not trans but I'm also not a bigoted weirdo who polices what other people watch or their bodies. Stop looking in people's pants and go watch reruns of Last Man Standing. I won't judge you for loving Tim Allen and Jon Voight. :D
Steve S.
06/08/22 at 04:27pm

Look whot's in the closet : a what. A LOL clown what that created a straw man for the children. Woops. Not a man, not a women (whatever that is), not a he, not a she, perhaps a they, or an it. What it?
LOL what?
06/08/22 at 09:55am

Imagine being an adult and screaming about Disney because you're squicked out by people who are different than you. Get a life. Go to church or something, damn.
Just Keith
06/08/22 at 05:20am

NO to Jizney
Steve S.
06/08/22 at 00:16am

No one should trust the Disney super wet dream for kids.

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