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Sep 26, 2022 - Present




Drama / Comedy


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A dramedy following a traffic cop who teams up with an arm-chair detective to solve a series of murders.

Bell Prescott is an eccentric arm-chair detective in Florida who teams up with reluctant traffic cop Cammie Lorde to look into a dead body found on his property that may be linked to the death of his wife.

Together they wrestle with personal demons on their journey to heal themselves and their small Florida town.

Comments (7)

01/11/24 at 11:05pm

will there be season 2
05/06/23 at 00:01am

This show was a delight to watch! Luke Kirby is hilarious and does a phenomenal job shining a light on serious mental health issues. Absolutely love this show! Looking forward to season 2.
Dr. LG Morris
11/14/22 at 01:19am

The Panhandle is a brilliant and rare series that is totally memorable and the only problem is that we could not stop watching it. We're hoping they'll be a second and other Seasons as soon as possible. Thank you Spectrum for providing such a special program that will entertain for years and we would expect to see honored when Awards come out. Please let us know when the next season is coming!
Candy Hodge
11/13/22 at 08:40pm

I agree, tv sucks wby more ! So many series just leave us hanging or go off for two yrs and come back expecting us to be interested still!. Om done mostly with television!!
John Benson
11/06/22 at 01:47am

it figures another great show cast aside… I pretty much give up on television. There's so much crap TV out there queers have their own shows Satan has his own show serial murderers have their own shows… Violence and mayhem. Well what you expect all the producers in Hollywood are queer
11/01/22 at 01:51pm

Love this show the Luke Kirby does wonderful job as Bell Prescott. I can't wait for season 2 and 3 and more. I wish there was more than just 8 episode.
09/28/22 at 07:25am

I live in NW Fla and watched about 2/3rds of ep 1 and turned it off.
i doubt the writers or producers have ever been near Florida. They just grab names and places and throw them into a script that is garbage.

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