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Drama / Medical


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A medical drama following the nurses and pilots of an air ambulance service in northern Canada.

A diverse group of young First Responders in Canada's remote North - where help and survival are thousands of miles away - face the trials, triumphs, hookups and heartbreaks of a perilous job in an unforgiving setting that challenges them to face their fears on a daily basis.

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03/29/24 at 06:56pm

Hubby and I just binged the first 2 seasons. This show is a train wreck! It's so bad, but you just can't stop watching because you want to see if the next episode can out-ridiculous the previous one. Make a drinking game out of every time a new character is LGBTQ and you'll be sloshed before you know it!
02/12/24 at 08:43am

I am thinking about stopping, I am on episode 5. It's a very woke show, tons of gay and diversity and Natives. Which is fine, but so much of it is ridiculous. But the real reason I am thinking about stopping is that, SPOILERS -
The cheating chick with the fiance, screwing that guy and then saying it's a mistake the next day. If she breaks up with her fiance and says nothing, then this show is dumb. Like you cheat on him and then break up with him, and he has no clue you cheated. I hate crap like that, it's just cowardice. How about instead of cheating, you freaking talk to your fiance and work it out or break up, don't be a slut and cheat. Same for the Men in shows who cheat, how freaking weak willed are these characters. I heard Canada has gotten really woke, this show seems to be proving it.
Steve G
01/18/24 at 08:22am

Just FYI....IN REAL LIFE, NOT EVERYONE IS GAY!!!! And if they are, they are never that hot...TRUTH!!!
01/13/24 at 02:56pm

I finished S2 and I'm hoping for a S3. Best of luck to cast & crew (and to us, the viewers).
01/13/24 at 01:16pm

While I generally like the show and learning about the various characters, the number of gay/LGBTQ characters is becoming overly prevalent. I counted 9 characters in one of the episodes, which included 6 regular characters. It's ok if SkyMed's Thompson location is the gay-hub of Manitoba; it's just good to know now that I'm almost through S2:)
Steve G
01/09/24 at 02:12pm

Because every medical center is full of attractive staff. No normies, No uggos.
10/24/22 at 04:20pm

I like the concept. I hate that most of the characters a bunch of immature young adults that don't know what to do with a good relationships
07/22/22 at 12:48pm

It's not the greatest show but very watchable if you have an open mind, love your fellow man, and aren't offended by or judgmental about normal human interactions
07/11/22 at 05:19am

Don't waste your time. Story lines skip important follow through. All the woke you might expect is there. Paramount+ must know this is a fluff series as they released all episodes on the same day.
Just Keith
07/10/22 at 09:53am

"diverse group"
"triumphs, hookups and heartbreaks"
That's code for WOKE.

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