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Jul 10, 2022 - Present




Drama / Medical


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A medical drama following the nurses and pilots of an air ambulance service in northern Canada.

A diverse group of young First Responders in Canada's remote North - where help and survival are thousands of miles away - face the trials, triumphs, hookups and heartbreaks of a perilous job in an unforgiving setting that challenges them to face their fears on a daily basis.

Comments (4)

10/24/22 at 04:20pm

I like the concept. I hate that most of the characters a bunch of immature young adults that don't know what to do with a good relationships
07/22/22 at 12:48pm

It's not the greatest show but very watchable if you have an open mind, love your fellow man, and aren't offended by or judgmental about normal human interactions
07/11/22 at 05:19am

Don't waste your time. Story lines skip important follow through. All the woke you might expect is there. Paramount+ must know this is a fluff series as they released all episodes on the same day.
Just Keith
07/10/22 at 09:53am

"diverse group"
"triumphs, hookups and heartbreaks"
That's code for WOKE.

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