The Cleaning Lady

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Jan 03, 2022 - Present




Drama / Crime


Thony - Élodie YungArman - Adan CantoGarrett - Oliver Hudson

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A drama following a Cambodian woman who ends up working in the criminal underworld after coming to America.

Thony De La Rosa is a smart Cambodian doctor who comes to the United States in search of medical treatment to save the life of her ailing son.

When the system fails and pushes her into hiding, Thony is forced to become a cleaner for the mob, where she uses her intelligence and cunning to forge her own path in the criminal underworld.

Comments (24)

12/14/22 at 03:18pm

Love the show !!! Can wait for it to come back!!!
Postal Dude
12/02/22 at 08:03pm

Just what we need, a show about illegals in our country, killing and running drugs. Haven’t we got enough of that in real life! Wonder who this networks trying to attract as a viewer, some 10 million illegals looking to take over our country? No thanks! Next!!
Steve S.
09/19/22 at 01:12am

I thought the plot sounded lame so I expected it to be lousy - but apparently it's had good ratings and reviews. Still, I'll continue to avoid.
05/18/22 at 12:25pm

I love this show!!!!
04/16/22 at 10:27am

I just couldn't get into this show. I think it was somewhat the acting? I a m surprised it has gotten a second season.
04/07/22 at 09:22pm

I absolutely love love this show
Pam Lincoln
03/04/22 at 01:26pm

All I can say is Oliver Hudson ruins this show
02/09/22 at 05:56pm

Sorry but I don’t see this getting a season 2
Pam Lincoln
02/01/22 at 03:45pm

I enjoy the show but I really dislike the character Garrett(Oliver Hudson)bad acting and reminds me of someone who thinks a woman should be at his beck and call
02/01/22 at 10:08am

I've now watched up to S1E4 and getting bored & frustrated with the series. Perhaps if this was a movie or shorter mini-series, with an ending, I'd have more interest & patience.

Small details annoy me, such as Agent Garrett Miller's unlikely use of a Beretta 92 type handgun instead of the more likely standardly issued Glock, which is what most of the FBI who I worked with would use. It's unknown whether the Beretta is even on the currently approved authorized use list. Perhaps the three FBI shows on the other network used up all the show-business-armorer Glocks (just kidding).

Today's episode had Thony dropping her necklace and leaving it behind, only to have Agent Miller find it, and Fiona getting persuaded into selling drugs was just frustrating.

This might be my last episode to watch, although I found this episode somewhat touching with Lou Diamond Phillips' last minute decision to donate along with him reuniting with his daughter.

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